Lead Tattva

A Journey to Enlightened Leadership and Professional Success

Are you tired of feeling stressed and burnt out from the demands of modern corporate life? Do you wish you had more focus, clarity, and resilience to navigate the challenges that come your way? Well, Tattva Institute has got your back!


Whether you’re a seasoned business leader or a budding entrepreneur launching your first startup, our customized Lead Tattva Programs address individual needs and empower high-performing professionals to achieve personal goals, success, wellness and inner harmony in both personal and professional life.


Our unique holistic approach combines ancient Yogic wisdom with a wide range of modern coaching techniques to unlock your true leadership potential. This doesn’t mean you’ll need to be a pretzel to benefit from our Yogic methods – in fact, contrary to common perception, movement is only one element of Yoga:

“Yoga is the control of the modifications of the mind”

Leading executives are increasingly turning to meditation as a powerful tool to effectively manage stress, maintain strategic focus, enhance cognitive performance, promote emotional intelligence, and foster stronger interpersonal relationships. We take this several steps further and facilitate a profound exploration of the mind, enabling individuals to uncover their own solutions and discover greater happiness and fulfillment in all facets of their lives.


We guide individuals to enhance leadership skills, embrace a healthier lifestyle, improve work-life balance, nurture self-awareness and effectively get to know themselves. We look forward to taking this transformative journey together.

Why should you enroll for Lead Tattva

Enhance leadership skills

Learn to apply Yogic principles in your professional life, fostering effective communication, decision-making, and collaboration.

Boost resilience and adaptability

Develop the ability to navigate challenges and changes in the workplace while maintaining focus and composure.

Cultivate emotional intelligence

Gain insights into your own emotions and the emotions of others, enabling better understanding and empathetic leadership.

Improve work-life balance

Discover techniques to maintain inner harmony and balance, promoting a healthier, more fulfilling professional and personal life.

Foster team success

Empower your team by creating a supportive and nurturing work environment that inspires growth and productivity.

Heightened focus and productivity

Utilize Yogic techniques to sharpen your focus, increase efficiency, and maximize productivity in your professional pursuits.

Expand creativity and innovation

Tap into the principles of Yoga to unlock your creative potential, fostering new ideas and innovative solutions.

Strengthen relationships

Enhance interpersonal skills, enabling you to build strong, trust-based relationships with colleagues, partners, and clients.

Effective conflict resolution

Develop the ability to manage conflicts with diplomacy, ensuring the preservation of positive and productive work relationships.

Personalized approach

Benefit from customized coaching programs that cater to your unique needs, goals, and challenges in your professional journey.


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